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We buy apartment complexes nationwide quickly, in any condition and for cash!
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No closing costs
No repairs needed
No lengthy sale cycle

How It Works

Submit Your Property
Contact us by calling, emailing or submitting the form online and tell us a little more details about your property.
Schedule an Appointment
We’ll contact you and schedule an appointment to visit your property and perhaps make an all-cash offer on the spot.
Accept The Offer
Once you accept our fair all-cash offer, we’ll sign the contract and schedule a closing date of your choice.
Cash in Your Pocket
On the closing day is when we formally close the transaction and after a few days you will get all your cash!

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At MultifamilyCashin we buy apartment complexes nationwide either through our own experienced in-house investment acquisition team or by connecting you with an extensive network of active multifamily real estate investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What advantages do I have when selling direct to a real estate investors rather than through a realtor?

When your apartment building is listed on the real estate market, you’re signed up to invest your own money and effort into turning your property into a profit. When choosing the traditional way of selling your apartment building, your responsibilities include:

  • Paying for repairs and renovations to improve your odds of finding a buyer
  • Opening your property up to strangers for multiple viewings
  • Sharing your money with a real estate agent for listing the property
  • Waiting for an unknown amount of time for a buyer to come alonE

By choosing MultifamilyCashin instead of a real estate broker, you benefit from having the deal closed in days. You skip the headache, out of pocket expenses, avoid wasting time, and get cash in hand fast.

2. Do you guarantee a cash offer on my multi-family property?

Yes. We don’t use traditional ways of funding that take months for approval. We use private money sources or pre-approved funds from hard money lenders instead of conventional bank loans. This means you don’t have to suffer through numerous inspections, appraisals, and other complications unavoidable by traditional bank buyers when getting approved for a loan.

When we are making a cash offer, we have our partner lender with cash at the ready, waiting to provide us with the necessary amount. At the closing, we pay the whole amount in cash, and the title company overseeing the closing transfers the sum directly to you.

3. Can I sell my apartment complex As Is in any condition?

Yes! We make offers on apartment buildings as-is, regardless of what an inspection report would show. This means there’s no amount of damage or needed repairs that can scare us off. After we quickly assess your complex’s value and factor in the cost of any needed repairs, we’ll make an offer on your property as it stands today.

4. What types of multi-family buildings do you buy?

The fast and simple answer is that we buy any multi-family building, end of story. Whether you’re looking to sell your 1000 unit new construction, luxury complex or part ways with a small run down duplex, we have you covered. We also buy townhouses and large multi-unit apartment buildings in any condition.

5. Does selling to MultifamilyCashin involve commissions or fees?

Selling to us means you avoid paying any commission whatsoever. We don’t take away from the offered amount with any annoying and ridiculous hidden fees. The offer we make is the amount we pay to you on the closing day.

6. What is the time frame for closing with MultifamilyCashin?

Typically, we close deals in under 30 days. If you’re facing foreclosure or have another pressing deadline to beat, we put in the work to get you the money you need as soon as possible.

7. Who foots the bill for closing costs?

MultifamilyCashin covers all closing costs for you. You don’t have to worry about surprise expenses subtracted from your profit when you work with us.

8. Can I sell my apartment building with tenants currently leasing units?

Yes, you don’t need to evict anyone. We can make you an offer regardless of whether your building is occupied by tenants or your property is entirely vacant.

9. Does my occupancy rate affect the sale?

We don’t necessarily factor in how many rented apartments compared with the total units in your building. In other words, occupancy rate doesn’t impact our transaction.

10. Is there any requirement regarding the number of units to sell to MultifamilyCashin?

We can close deals on any and all rental properties, so the number of units in a building doesn’t matter to us. Large and small apartment buildings, duplexes, and condos alike can be sold to us.

11. Do you have requirements for the building class?

We can make you an offer no matter what your apartment building is, so your property’s class designation doesn’t affect our transaction. We buy:

  • Class “A”: High-rise, mid-rise, or garden rental properties considered to be high-end and featuring the best amenities available.
  • Class “B”: Properties with limited amenities to speak of that were built 20 years ago or less.
  • Class “C”: Complexes built around 30 years ago that are in need of repairs and renovations.
  • Class “D”: Dated and damaged rental properties built 30 years previously which are in a lower socioeconomic neighborhood.
12. Where does MultifamilyCashin buy rental properties?

MultifamilyCashin is a national multi-family property buyer. We operate in all US states and will consider properties in any location of the country.

13. What information should I provide you with?

To assess the building’s value, we need to know the complex’s NOI, which stands for Net Operating Income. For this purpose we need to know your building’s maintenance costs and gross rent. In other words, the NOI is the property’s revenue after the operating expenses are deducted. This amount doesn’t factor in amortization, capital expenditures, depreciation, or mortgage and is a before-tax figure.

Beyond NOI, we also need to know the property’s amount of units, vacancy rates, and the property’s rent rolls. Profit and Loss statements will usually include the information we are looking to review. If you’re unsure of what this all means, give us a call and we’ll gladly help you understand where and how to find this information.

14. When Can I expect my cash offer?

After we review all the paperwork and perform a walk through of your property, you can be within 48 hours of receiving a written cash offer.

15. Do I have to accept your offer?

No. Our offer is obligation-free.

16. What happens after I decide to take the offer?

After accepting our offer, you will need to sign the purchase contract we supply you with. Together we will select a closing date that is most convenient for all parties involved. The specified title company will receive the earnest money deposit from us in under 72 hours.

Then we’ll go to work scheduling any needed property repairs to start them as soon as we close. When the specified closing date comes, we’ll convene with the title company to sign contracts, and the title company will transfer the cash to your account.

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Why Sell Your Apartment Complex through MultifamilyCashin Platform?

Quick close
Purchase ‘AS IS’
Extensive reach
Creative approach
No realtor commissions
No closing costs or fees
No costly repairs required
No waiting years for a buyer

Are You Ready to Sell Your Multifamily Apartment Building Fast?

For the easiest and quickest transaction contact MultifamilyCashin. We buy apartment complexes fast, in any condition, and for cash. This way you avoid the complications and hangups that come with selling your apartment building the traditional way: inspections, repairs, mortgage approval, marketing, and other difficulties. When you receive a fast, obligation-free cash offer from experienced real estate buyers who put in the work for you, selling your apartment building and collecting your profit becomes a streamlined and hands-off process.

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